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Re: [Yaesu] can connect two 12 volt power supplies in parallel.

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] can connect two 12 volt power supplies in parallel.
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When I was active on AMSAT birds I used a TE Systems amplifier
that needed mucho amperage at twelve volts, and ended up 
paralleling two Astrons.

There was a marked difference when the Positive polarity
from one supply and the Negative polarity from the other
supply made up the connecting cable. 

In other words, the jumpers from supply to supply were at the back
of the supplies and the load was spread between them. This
was before Astron included a Load Sharing terminal on the back
of the supplies.


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Subject: [Yaesu] can connect two 12 volt power supplies in parallel.

Here is a question I have heard varying opinion about, Can you connect two
12 volt power supplies together in parallel.

Say 1 power supply is 20 a amp and is a little week to carry a 100 watt 
transmitter. And you have a 10 amp supply that you are not using.  Can they be 
connected in parallel, some of the question are can it be done?, What is the 
total amperage available?  What happens if the amp draw exceeds 20 amps?  How 
will them be connected effect each other?
If you can connect 2 how about 3? > assume all power supplies are 12 Volts.

If you care to respond it would be appreciated

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