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[Yaesu] FT-1000 internal speaker stops working and constant tone in rece

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000 internal speaker stops working and constant tone in receiver audio
From: "Dick Zseltvay" <dickzs@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 00:30:59 -0600
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I am looking to the Forum to help me solve two problems that I have with my 
FT-1000. The two problems that I am having with my FT-1000 may not be directly 
related, but I have to wonder if they might have a common cause. For months I 
have tried to get on the air with PSK and also set-up CAT control of my 
FT-1000. I got both working a few weeks ago. After only a few days of having 
PSK work my transceiver began to fail. I wonder if errors in cable connections 
caused the failure.

My radio configuration consists of a FT-1000, a SignaLink SL-1+ sound card 
interface, a LCU3-Y3 C.A.T. Interface Cable, and a Dell computer with Sound 
Blaster Live 24 bit sound card. I worked with getting PSK working first. After 
months between brief attempts to get the digital mode operational I finally got 
PSK to work. Immediately after I got started with PSK I got CAT control 
operational. Most of the time that I worked with PSK,  I tried to use the 
"external speaker jack" on the rear of the FT-1000 and I connected it with the 
"microphone input" jack on the sound card. My first indication that I had a 
problem with the radio began by me hearing a chattering sound (relay?) coming 
from the rear of the radio sometimes when I switched the radio on. If I 
switched the radio off and then on again most of the time the chattering sound 
would disappear. After just a few days of PSK and CAT becoming operational I 
quit using the radio entirely due to a recurring illness and series of ho
 spital admissions. Sometime during the above I quit using the rear panel 
"external speaker" jack and noticed that the radio's internal speaker no longer 
worked. Last night I tried to use the radio for PSK and I noticed a second 
problem. I suddenly had the sound of a loud, constant tone, coming through the 
ear phones.

The tone does not change in volume or frequency with manipulation of the 
radio's controls. I can hear a normal signal in the background. The radio has 
not been used recently. Sometime during the recent time that the radio was not 
being used the PSK gear was disconnected. The tone developed while I was trying 
to reconnect the PSK system. At the present time the CAT control system 
continues to work correctly using MixW and Ham Radio Deluxe software. PSK is 
not working. 

I don't have any idea what caused the appearance of the tone. Concerning the 
failure of the radio's internal speaker to work: I wonder if I exceeded the 
current rating of the relay connected to the external speaker jack and caused 
the relay (if there is one) to not switch the internal speaker back on when 
there is no connection going to the external speaker jack. I don't know why the 
connection between the external speaker jack and the microphone input jack on 
the sound card would pull that much current. The chattering sound that I began 
to hear seams to be coming from the area of the external speaker jack. That is 
what is making me think that a damaged relay might be associated with me 
failing to hear audio from the internal speaker.

Any help is much appreciated. I am not able to spend money on sending the radio 
in for repairs.

Dick, KC4COP
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