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[Yaesu] FT-1000 internal speaker stops working and constant tone

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000 internal speaker stops working and constant tone
From: "Dick Zseltvay" <dickzs@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 12:56:05 -0600
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Thank you all. Indeed the constant tone that I referred to in my original 
question was the "CW Spot button" being engaged. I checked the switches and 
buttons more than once before submitting my question to the forum. I searched 
the web and was amazed that I could not find any other question similar to my 
own. I must have pushed the CW buttons twice when I checked them. I plan to 
stick to that story until all have had time to forget about my stupid mistake.

I still have not located the reason for the internal speaker on the FT-1000 to 
fail to work. I can not find a fuse or relay associated with the "external 
speaker" jack on the radio's back panel. I guess the problem has to be that the 
jack itself has failed or that there is some sort of solid state relay 
associated with switching the internal speaker into and out of the audio 
stream. I can't tell anything from the block diagram that I have of the AF 

In my original question I mentioned that I could hear a chatter many of the 
times that I turned the FT-1000 on. Several responses to my post mentioned the 
Antenna relay as a possible culprit. I have not noticed the radio rapidly 
switching between transmit and receive during the time that I am hearing the 
chatter. I will check further when I am able to get the case back on the radio 
and get the radio on the bench so that I can connect an antenna to it. This may 
take a few days. Yaesu published two modifications to "prevent receive antenna 
relay failure". My radio serial number begins with "0I" and none of the 
modifications mentioned in the FT-1000 technical manual have been made to it.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has attempted making the 
modifications to the receive antenna relay themselves. I would like to get an 
idea of the technical difficulties that might exist in making the 
modifications. I only have full use of one hand so flipping the radio around 
looking for components is difficult for me. I can still do some soldering if I 
take a few days to make jigs to help me.

Thanks again all. With the tone gone from the AF output I think that my radio 
can be returned to service. If I can remember how to connect the SignaLink-SL1+ 
sound card interface, I might be able to make a PSK contact or two.

Dick Zseltvay, KC4COP 
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