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[Yaesu] Want to Buy: FT-1000D, year-2000 or later model

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Subject: [Yaesu] Want to Buy: FT-1000D, year-2000 or later model
From: "David J Windisch" <davidjw@cinci.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 06:31:37 -0400
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Want to Buy: FT-1000D, year-2000 or later model

Hi, all concerned:

I think I have about one good sunspot cycle left in me, and since it's just
the cat, the hobbies,and me here, I'm looking for that last good radio to
talk me through the cycle.

Here are the criteria:

1. Doesn't have to be minty; "normal usage marks" are okay.  Please, clean 
off dust and finger jam though, thanks.

2. Well-done non-Yaesu mods are fine, especially these:
    a. W8JI noise blanker and key-click
    b. INRAD roofing filter
    c. TX-enable mod for 60M.
    d. International Radio Service tuning-speed-slowdown/PTO-sync

3. Year-2000 or later serial/date code, with user handbook.

4. *All* functions must operate: the ones coming out the back panel
connectors, as well as the ones controlled from the front panel.

5. Desirable Yaesu options:
    a. 250-Hz c-w filter for main rcvr
    b. 600-Hz c-w filter for second rcvr

6. Mic and power cord at seller's discretion.  I have my own.

Criterion 4. is absolutely necessary; criterion 3 is negotiable.

For the right unit, I'm willing to pay up to $3000 USD.

I'm also looking for an Alpha 87A.

Please reply off-list/direct:   davidjw at cinci dot rr dot com

513-674-7202 eves eastern

Tia & 73,

Dave Windisch, W8FGX, formerly N3HE and K3BHJ

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