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Subject: [Yaesu] Pelicans
From: "Harold Mandel" <hmandel@barantelecom.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 07:37:41 -0400
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Pelicans may be found on E-Bay new for a great discount.

They are available with or without foam inserts.

Obtaining them without any foam is much 
less expensive, and worthwhile for radio
gear as the two kinds of Pelican stock
foam are useless for anything heavier
than a camera or laptop.

The Yaesu FT1KD fits nicely inside a
Pelican 1610 with a combo of cotton
towels and heavy-wall bubble wrap
to chock the radio, with room for a
bunch of cables and manuals, too.

The Pelican 1620 and 1650 cases
are larger and become unwieldy
if you are going it alone. All three models
come with three different handles for
lifting in various geometries.

All Pelicans are gasketed and will
float if your plane goes down and 
you can toss the cases into the drink. 

The 1650 will float with 85 pounds of 
gear inside it, guaranteed.

Pelicans have two metal-braced locking
tabs on each swing corner. They offer
a TSA-authorized combo lock that will
allow an official inspection but will
secure the boxes to other prying eyes.

All the big cases have casters to roll
around airports with. The weapons
cases have stacking sprules to prevent
slipping and sliding while temporarily
staged. There are places on each case to
affix an embossed identity tag.

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