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From: w7upf <donsay2@cox.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 16:08:59 -0700
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I had a similar experience with a G-1000SDX and found a slippage problem 
with the rubber drive "belt" inside the controller unit.  I am assuming 
the G-800SDX is constructed in the same manner in that the pointer 
needle is belt coupled to its the little internal driving-motor which is 
'mated" in sync with the drive motor up in the rotor.  So I disassemble 
the control unit to install a new drive belt, which is quite a challenge 
(at least it was for me) and that solved the problem at that time.

My next "direction" problem, but much later, occurred after the system 
had sat idle for several months.  The control unit pointer needle again 
had erratic behavior and I assumed it was again the drive belt but an 
inspection saw no apparent drive belt problem.  Next I checked the 
actual position of the beam to my intended direction and it was correct; 
however, the pointer needle did not not agree with the actual beam 
direction and the erratic pointer needle behavior continued. 

I substituted another G-1000SDX control unit but had the identical 
result of slow or no pointer needle movement or suddenly the pointer 
needle would speed up to match  happenings up in the rotor.  Next I set 
up a new rotor down at ground level and actions between it and either 
control unit was normal.  So I concluded it might be a dirty "sensing" 
contact on the pot up in the tower-mounted rotor.  

I am too old to climb towers to install new rotor units so I manually 
exercised the rotor around and back around many many times anticipating 
it might clean up pot contact up in the rotor...it did and I have since 
used the system several times and in several contest with normal 
direction action readout.  I hope this information might help you 
isolate your problem.   W7UPF

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