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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu VX-1 dual band HT and other items FS
From: "Ken Simpson, W8EK" <W8EK@flham.net>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 20:08:56 -0400
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Yaesu VX-1 dual band HT and other items for sale:

Yaesu VX-1 Dual Band HT:

This is a dual-band HT which provides small size combined
with wide frequency coverage while weighing about 4 ounces.

It can produce up to 1 Watt output power in the 2 meter &
440 MHz bands. The VX-1 provides extraordinarily wide
frequency receive coverage of 500-1700 kHz plus 76-999 MHz,
which includes AM BC, FM BC, public safety, and audio from
most TV channels. The operating mode (AM, FM-Narrow, FM-Wide)
can be automatically preset.

It includes an FNB-52LI High-Capacity Lithium-Ion battery.
The memory system includes two main channel groups, plus
additional memories bringing the memory total to 291 channels!

To put it another way, the VX-1 will do more than most hams need!

This one includes the HT, LIon Battery, Charger, Rubber Duck
antenna, and an extensive manual. It works fine, and looks
very close to new. $125

Battery pack for Yaesu VX-2 or VX-3 HT
Lithium Ion Battery Pack that fits both the VX-2 and the VX-3
3.7 volts, 1200 mahr, works great, and holds a charge like new.

Belt Clip for Yaesu FT-207, with hardware. $8

Wrist Strap for Yaesu FT-209, and probably others $4

Heil SM-1 Microphone "Shock Mount"

The SM-1 "Shock Mount" is Heil Sound's 8-point flexible
suspension support system that helps suppress low-frequency
rumble on the microphone line by absorbing and damping
vibrations picked up from the studio desk or console.
It is a professional suspended shock mounting system,
black in color. The SM-1 is designed for use with the
slim-line Heil Sound microphones, such as the GoldLine
GM series, HM-10-DUAL and the PR-20. Its standard 5/8"
threads mount onto the PL-2T "Topless" and other mounts,
for easy installation.

This shock mount works with the GM-5 and similar body sizes.

This particular unit works fine, and looks very close to new.

Polyphaser IS-VU50HN-MA Lightning Protector

Polyphaser is well know for extremely good lightning
protection equipment. This coaxial antenna protector
is designed to be inserted in the coaxial cable at the
bottom of a tower, or just as it enters your house.
This unit has two SO-239 connectors, and is rated to
take 750 Watts and operate from 50 to 300 MHz (VHF)
and from 380 to 550 MHz (UHF).

This particular unit includes the spec sheet, and appears
that it might not have been used. It is not oxidized,
or corroded, although it appears that someone must have
measured the SWR, as it says "4.5 MHz to 54 MHz, 1.1 to
1.4" on the back.

These sell for about $75 new. Buy this one for $55.

"Blitz Bug" Lighting protectors
These are not as sophisticated as the Polyphaser above,
but still protect against lightning. Two versions are
available. One has an SO-239 connector on each end.
The other has a PL-259 on one end and an SO-239 on
the other end. Take your choice for $8 each.

Yaesu Hat
This "Ball Cap" has Yaesu on the front of it in big letters.
It is white and says "Yaesu" on the front, with the Yaesu logo.
It has never been used. $6

Communications Speaker:
This 4 inch square speaker is optimized for communications
frequencies (300 to 3000 Hz). It is in a black enclosure,
and is an 8 ohm speaker. It has a cord with a 1/8 inch
(3.5 mm) mono plug on the end.
This one works fine and looks OK also. $15

Micronta 21-194 Digital Multimeter:
This DMM not only does the traditional things that DMMs do
(measure voltage, current, etc.), but is also a transistor
tester and a capacitance meter. Voltage ranges are up to
1000 Volts, current to 10 Amps, and capacitance to 20
This particular meter looks good, and functions fine on all
modes except resistance.
Probes included for $15.

Dual Meter SWR Bridges:

These feature two separate meters -- one for reading forward
power and another for reading SWR. This permits one to easily
monitor both the power going out, and the SWR on the antenna.
They are from Japan, and labeled with various names, including
Swan, Siltronix, and Quement. Both have SO-239 connectors on
each end, and work fine.

Both will work on HF, and VHF, covering 3 to 150 MHz, so are
ideal for the new rigs that include 6 and 2 meters.

Swan SWR-1
This one is in its original box, but the meter itself says
Siltronix on it. The original instruction sheet has both
Swan and Siltronix on it. $45

Quement SWB-2
No box for this one, but it works fine and looks great.
With paper work for $40

SWR Bridges / Field Strength Meters:

Midland 23-126 SWR Bridge / Field Strength Meter
This is an HF SWR Bridge, but it can be used up thru 2
meters, with slightly reduced accuracy. It is also a field
strength meter. SO-239 connectors.
This one works fine, and looks extremely nice. I do not see
any scratches on it; it may not have ever been used. In its
original box with original instructions and small telescoping
antenna. $35

ThordTest SWFS-2 SWR Bridge / Field Strength Meter
Appears to be the same as the Midland above, but the outer
case is beige instead of black.
In original box, with original instruction sheet, and antenna.

Heath HM-2102 VHF wattmeter, covering 50 to 160 MHz.

Similar to the HM-102, but for VHF frequencies, with 250 and
25 watt scales. It can also be used to check SWR, and has a
remote sensor that can either be left inside the meter, or
separated from the actual meter.
SO-239 connectors in and out.

This particular meter works great. It looks good, but has a
small defect on the left side of the meter that does not
effect operation.

Paper work included for $40.

Speaker Microphones:

Azden SDX-316
This is the rounder style speaker mic that fits nicely in
the palm of your hand. Has 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm plugs for
Azden, Icom, some Yaesu, and others. $20

MFJ-287 Speaker Microphone
This was used on a Kenwood TH-225 HT, but it also fits
the TH-21/31/41 series HTs, TH-215, TH-415, as well as
others. It has a 3 conductor 3.5 mm plug and a 2 conductor
2.5 mm plug. $15

Kenwood SMC-24 speaker microphone
Fits Kenwood TR-2400 HT and others. This one looks fine
and works fine. $18

Hand Microphones:

Generic Hi Z Hand Microphone
This hand mic is black in color. It has a PTT switch and
black coiled cord. It works fine and looks very close to
new. $25

Generic Hand Microphone
This is a low impedance hand microphone, black in color.
Looks and works great. With 4 pin connector. $25

Lafayette EAM-15 dynamic hand microphone
2000 ohm impedance can be used any place a dynamic mic is
needed. Stripped and tinned leads.
It works fine, and looks good also. $25

Icom HM-12 microphone
The HM-12 has a round 8 pin connector, with up-down
switches and a lock switch.
It is used with most modern Icom rigs using a round 8 pin
The mic works fine, and the mic itself looks very, very
good. The cord has seen some of the Florida sun and
has some deterioration. $40

Shure 104 C, Low Z hand Microphone
This is a very heavy duty Shure mic. It appears to be new,
with stripped and tinned ends that have never been on a
connector. It is in its original box, with the original
instruction manual. $30

DTMF Touch Tone Microphones:

DTMF Touch Tone Microphones For Sale:

Johnson 250-0761-010 / CES 655 L DTMF Mic
It has a 12 digit pad on the front, and is a rugged mic.
Presently with 4 pin plug. Looks to be unused. $40

KDK DM TT-1 DTMF Touch Tone Mic
This mic has a 12 digit touch tone pad on it, with a
switch to turn the pad on and off. With 4 pin plug.
It works fine, and looks great. $35

Data Signal "Data-Coder 5" Touch Tone Mic
This mic has a 12 digit touch tone pad on it, plus a normal
low impedance microphone. With 4 pin plug. Like new. $38

CES 610 L DTMF Touch Tone Mic
Can manually dial a number, or automatically store it in the
mic, and "speed dial". 12 digit touch tone pad on the front,
with the microphone part above the pad. With an 8 pin modular
plug (like a computer LAN) on it, which can be changed.
Looks to be new. $40

Cables for keys and keyers:

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/4 inch phone plug on it,
as is used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug. $5

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/4 inch stereo connector
on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug $8

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK@FLHam.net or W8EK@arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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