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Re: [Yaesu] FTdx5000D review?

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FTdx5000D review?
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <k8ri@rogerhalstead.com>
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2012 19:25:27 -0500
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On 1/7/2012 6:31 PM, w1zz@charter.net wrote:
> As a long time user of a FT1000D, I am thinking of purchasing the
> FTdx5000D as my next long term radio.
> I would like to solicit your comments on your experience with the
> FTdx5000D .

Your best bet would be the FT-5000 reflector where you'll hear about 
warts and all.
I've had an FTDX5000MP since around last April. (+/-).

My opinion:
I think it is the best rig I've owned. The only real complaint I've 
heard came from the high speed CW guys about not being able to hear 
between the dits on characters.  Yaesu has addressed this and brought 
the QSK speed up to over 30 wpm before you can't hear between the dits. 
For me, I prefer not to hear between the dits as I find it distracting. 
That and after being off the air for some years along with age my CW is 
only in the 20 wpm range.

The rig runs a very clean signal and does not appear to suffer from ALC 
overshoot as do some of the new higher end rigs.
On receive it has an outstanding dynamic range.  Even with all the over 
driven amps and rigs with poor IMD on 40 the 5000MP does a very good 
job.  With the roofing filters and regular filters you can operate 
pretty close to the big guns with out being bothered if they have clean 
signals which most of them do.
It also not only has dual receive, but dual receivers built in. I 
monitor 6-meters on VFO-B while chasing DX with VFO-A.  I think the rig 
actually outperforms the top end Yaesu and Icom rigs.  Although I hate 
to use the term the DNR is fantastic albeit at the expense of some 
sensitivity, but it does not turn strong signals into broad ones.

I'm not particularly fond of the band scope  as it's not real time, 
although the speakers sound nice.   That makes for some pretty expensive 
speakers. My Icom spoiled me for band scopes.
You can purchase the MP with filters from HRO at a reasonably good 
price.  200 watts class AB and 50 watts class A drives my Emtron DX-2sp 
to the legal limit with a very clean signal. I've received more unasked 
for good signal reports with this rig than any other.

This is definitely not a portable rig.  it makes the UPS limit by just 
one pound. Of course that's a 200 watt output rig with an internal PS. 
IT's big and it's heavy. It has roughly 80 front panel knobs and 
switches plus a menu with nearly 200 items (better have the manual at 
hand if you even think about getting into the menu). Still it's much 
easier to use than the new compact rigs. OTOH it gives the user a lot of 
control over the rig. Maybe too much control as twisting knobs without 
care as to what the manual has to say can create a rather nasty signal, 
but that's typical of many of today's top end rigs including the SDRs.

There is also a hidden menu that gives even more control, but don't go 
there without a service manual and knowing what you are doing...maybe 
even with a bit of guidance.


Roger (K8RI)
> 73s, Ed,  W1ZZ
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