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[Yaesu] FS: Yaesu FT450 (revised ad and price)

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Subject: [Yaesu] FS: Yaesu FT450 (revised ad and price)
From: John <af5cc@fidmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 17:37:37 -0600
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I have a Yaesu FT450 I am looking to sell. Bought it to use while my Icom 706
 was going to be repaired, but the repair will cost too much so I will just use
 it as is.

 The Yaesu FT450 is a 100 watt HF and 6m rig that does it all. It has IF-DSP so
 there are no filters to buy. The narrow CW and SSB filters are built
in with the
 DSP. A TCXO is standard for increased frequency stability. It has a built in
 voice keyer-just imagine hearing your melodious voice over and over again as it
 calls CQ for you! It also has a built in transmit monitor so you can hear how
 your transmitted voice will sound. Interfacing it for the digital modes is very
 easy due to the digital VOX that the rig has.  For you CW ops it has
a built in memory keyer with 3 memories.

 The 450 comes with the standard accessories-hand mic, power cord, and
 manual. Think how much fun you will have on HF with this, and on
 6m once the summer Es season starts.

The top has some scratches on it that a previous owner tried to cover
up with black paint. There are also some scratches on the sides from
the mobile bracket.  Everything works fine except for the headphones
jack. It doesn't work. You can use the speaker jack for headphones,
though, and the internal speaker works fine.

 How much would you expect to pay for such a feature laden rig? $1000? Not even
 close! $750? No, still not that much. I am asking $450 plus shipping for it.
 It is a good think I teach Psychology because I must be insane to sell such a
 great rig for such a little amount. If you are interested, send me an email
 direct and I am sure we can always work out a deal. Trade offers are always
 welcome as well!

73 John AF5CC
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