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From: "Ken Simpson, W8EK" <kenw8ek@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2013 20:00:46 -0400
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Yaesu and related Items For Sale:

Automatic Antenna Tuner, Wattmeters, Communications
Speakers, Desk Microphones, HT accessories, and more

Yaesu FC-757 AT, Automatic HF Antenna Tuner:

The Yaesu FC-757 AT is a automatic antenna tuner designed
to be used on 160 thru 10 meters, including the WARC bands.
It is designed to work with the FT-757GX, FT-757GXII and
FT-747GX transceivers, but can work with virtually any HF rig.

The frequency range of this tuner is: 1.8-2, 3.5-4, 7-7.5,
10-10.5, 14-14.5, 18-18.5, 21-21.5, 24.5-25 and 28-29.9 MHz.
The maximum RF power is 150 watts. The built in wattmeter
has ranges of 15 and 150 watts. There is a 4-bit microprocessor
which allows for fast, accurate automatic tuning. Two SO-239
connectors are provided, and it includes a built-in dummy
load. It requires 13 V DC at 300 ma.

This unit works fine. Cosmetically it is not perfect;
it shows some use, but it is not bad.

With paper work for $190.

VX-7 accessories:

VX-7 Nifty Mini Manual
Similar to the VX-5 Pocket Reference above, but for the
VX-7 and slightly larger.  Spiral bound.  $18

Programming cable
This cable has the threaded connector as used by the VX-7,
but it can also be used on the VX-6, 5, 3, etc.  Uses USB port.
It works great with the free "Chirp" program.  I have not
tried it with others. $18

Yaesu YD-148 Dual Impedance Desk Microphone:

The Yaesu YD-148 is a very nice "gooseneck" type desk microphone.
It has both high and low impedances, which can be selected by a
switch. This means it can be used on some of the older rigs
requiring a high impedance mic, or with the more modern rigs
needing a low impedance mic.

This particular mic has had the mic element replaced with a
Heil HC-4 element, which is the "DX" element that Heil
designed for superior audio punch to get thru pileups.
These elements are no longer available, but are worth
$50 for just the element.

This particular mic is in very nice condition. It works 100%.
At the present time, it has an 8 pin connector, wired for
Kenwood, on it, which of course can be changed. $85

MFJ 815 B Cross Needle Peak Reading HF Wattmeter:

Cross needle reads forward and reverse power simultaneously
SWR displayed also
300/3000 Watt forward and 60/600 Watt reverse
peak or average reading meter
160 thru 6 meters
12 V DC needed for lighted meter

This particular unit works fine, and looks very close to new.
With paper work for $65.

Daiwa CN-520 "Cross Needle" wattmeter:

This wattmeter covers 1.8 to 60 MHz, and is the "cross needle"
type, so it reads SWR at the same time it reads forward and
reflected power.

Forward scales of 2000 W or 200 W; reflected 400 W and 40 Watts.

This one looks very nice and works like new,
with the paperwork for $65.

Communications Speakers:

Realistic 21-549 A
This one is about 4 inches square but only about 2 inches
deep. It is rated for 5 watts, has an 8 ohm impedance, and
is listed as a 300 to 3000 Hz frequency response, making it
ideal for communications. 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono plug. It
is black in color, looks great, and sounds great. $18

Vanco SPB-5
Appears to be the same at above, but with a Vanco label.
Also includes gimbal mount. $15

Yaesu YM-31 hand microphone:
The Yaesu YM-31 is a hand mic with a round 6 pin
connector. Apparently it is either similar or the
same as the MH-25A6j (not the MH-25 with the 8 pin
connector). It is a 600 ohm impedance hand microphone,
and has a Monitor on-off switch on the back. It should
be compatible with any of the Yaesu rigs that uses the
round 6 pin connector. It looks very similar to the
Yaesu MH-1.
This one works fine and looks extremely nice. $25

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter to reduce
harmonic interference. All have SO-239 connectors, and are
50 ohm filters.

The first one works on 6 meters as well as HF:

Drake TV-5200-LP Low pass TVI filter
This is the filter that may also be used on the low end of six
meters, as well as HF. It is good for 1000 Watts "average" below
30MHz, and about 200 W up to 52 MHz. It is the newer version
of the TV-1000. $30

Bencher YA-1, high power, low pass TVI filter
If you need a heavy duty filter for the output of your amplifier,
this one is ideal. It will take full legal power plus, and has at
least 80 db signal attenuation at TV channel 2. This one works
great, and is in its original box.
Bencher currently sells these for about $90. Only $60.

Bencher YA-1
As above, not in original box. $45

B & W FL-10/1500
This filter cuts off just above 10 meters, and handles 1500
Watts. It is the latest model B&W filter.In very nice condition,
it looks close to new. $40

Johnson 250-20 Low Pass Filter
This is a 52 ohm cylindrical low pass filter with a cut
off frequency of 45 MHz and 75 db of attenuation.
It is rated to take 1000 Watts of AM, or 5000 Watts
PEP SSB. With mounting bracket. $30

Para Dynamics PDC 1089
This filter is rated at a full Kilowatt, up to 30 MHz.
5 x 6 x 2 inch black box, instead of the more familiar long
enclosure. It looks like new. $25

Yaesu HT Accessory Items:

Belt Clip for Yaesu FT-207, with hardware. $8

Wrist Strap for Yaesu FT-209, and others $4

Radio Shack PRO 2051 Trunking Scanner:

This scanner will do it all! It has 1000 memories, and
covers from 25 MHz thru 1300 MHz, and includes "Signal
Stalker" and triple trunking. It can also function as
a weather radio with full alerting capabilities. There
are more scanning and searching facilities than one can
imagine! Of course it covers the 6 meter, 2 meter, 220
MHz, and 440 MHz ham bands, but it does so much more.

This particular radio is in its original box. It appears
that it was not used, but that the manual was examined.
I have tested it and everything seems to work perfectly,
although it has so many features I was not able to test
everything. This is a terrific immaculate scanner!
Only $125.

Rubber Duck antennas for your HT:

All are for 2 meters, are in good condition,
and are $10 each, unless stated otherwise.

BNC - regular rubber duck

BNC - Original from Kenwood TH-215, about 5 inches long

5/16 inch threaded, as used by Motorola and others
Stubby - 4 inches long

Type F connector - 6.5 inches long

PL-259 connector - 6.5 inches long
HyGain 275, still in original packaging

PL-259 connector - Stubby - 4.6 inches long
Centurion, still in original package

BNC Stubby for 440 MHz, 3 inches long

Multi Band BNC Telescoping Antennas:

Two telescoping antennas are available. Both are in very
nice, close to new condition, and have BNC connectors.

ANLI AL-800 dual band HT antenna
This is a telescoping antenna that pulls out to about
a 3 foot length. If covers both 2 meters and 440 MHz,
and has a BNC connector on it. It is rated to have
3.2 dbi gain on 2 meters and 5.6 dbi gain on 440 MHz.
It appears close to new. These are $39 on Amazon.
Get this one for only $25.

Radio Shack 20-006 A
This antenna is just over 2 feet in length when fully
extended. Radio Shack does not give it any gain rating,
and I don't know if I would trust those ratings anyhow.
It is safe to say it performs better than a rubber duck
antenna. This one will cover 6 m, 2 m , 220 MHz and
440 MHz. BNC connector. It is actually in its original
bag with original paper work. $15

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, HF, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, and many miscellaneous accessories.
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK@FLHam.net or W8EK@arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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