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From: Scott Manthe <n9aa@xxxxxxxx>
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Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 12:26:33 -0400
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There is no FT-2000 Mark II. Some people erroneously call FT-20000s that have had the PEP-2000 software upgrade "Mark II" models, but that's a misnomer. Yaesu has never called the upgraded rigs the "Mark 2" or anything else, just the FT-2000, and that's for good reason. In 2009, Yeasu released a major firmware upgrade for the FT-2000. This firmware improved several aspects of the FT-2000, but didn't fix many of the performance issues, like close-in spacing RX performance, etc., because they didn't change the hardware. Hence there is no Mark 2 model, just newer firmware.

The first numeral of the serial number will tell you the year of manufacture of the rig. Here is a link to an explanation of yaesu serial numbers:

Scott N9AA

On 4/1/17 8:35 PM, abc7@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'll be looking for a late model (MK2) FT2000 in the near future.
How do I tell from the serial number the year of the radio, and wether or not 
it's the MK2.

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