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[Yaesu] Direct Battery Hookup.

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Subject: [Yaesu] Direct Battery Hookup.
From: Randy Berry <randyn3lrx@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 10:51:11 -0400
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OK, not  exactly a Yaesu question, but a question about most mobile
radios including Yaesu sold today.

I had a disagreement with someone about the need to hook both negative
and positive directly to the cars battery as opposed to cutting the
ground wire from the provided power cord and grounding it to the cars
chassis near the radio.

My argument is that the battery will filter off some of the noise
generated by the alternator if both are hooked directly, he said that
is not the case and insisted a chassis ground near the radio is best.

If this is true why do practically every automobile electronics
manufacturer provide a cable with both Neg. and Pos. leads, and
recommend direct connect?

In my experience I have had better luck connecting 2 way radios, car
stereos and amplifiers directly to the battery.

The argument of having 2 fuses, one on the Neg, and one on the Pos,
was also brought up. I have a lot of equipment that came with fuses on
both leads. My Icom's, kenwood's and Yeasu's all have dual fuses.

Again, the engineers who designed the radio know a hell of a lot more
than me and some bloke on social media do. And there must be a reason
for the recommendation of going direct, and the 2 fuses must be there
for a purpose.

I recommended using both fuses as provided, and direct to the battery.
I was told I was wrong.

Who is right?
tnx es 73 de Randy, N3LRX/8
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