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[3830] RAC Canada Day Contest - VE2ZP SOABHP

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Subject: [3830] RAC Canada Day Contest - VE2ZP SOABHP
From: VE2ZP@sympatico.ca (Dave Goodwin VE2ZP/VE9CB)
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 20:40:42 -0400
Here's what I did:

160cw  11   7
160ph  11   7

 80cw  34  10
 80ph  87  10

 40cw  40  10
 40ph  55  10

 20cw 197  11
 20ph 297  11

 15cw  59  11
 15ph  88  11

 10cw  11   8
 10ph  20   8

  6cw   4   3
  6ph   7   3

  2cw   2   2
  2ph   3   2

TOTALS: 358 cw QSOs, 568 phone QSOs, 124 multipliers (62 in
each mode)

Claimed score: 827,824

So my score doesn't threaten the record.  In fact, it's
below my second-place score of last year, but I take some
pride in again besting the best previous multiplier total.

Conditions on the low bands seemed better than last year, in
that I could hear and work stations from the Prairies and BC
a lot earlier than in the 2000 contest.  Noise levels,
however, made things tough.

Twenty metres was moderately good most of the time, but at
times it was merely the best of a bad choice - the only high
band with signals of any strength or number.

Fifteen I found fairly good, but there just wasn't much
traffic on the band.

Ten metres was a puzzle.  Thanks to Sporadic E, I had
moments of excellent propagation to the Maritimes and
Newfoundland.  You had to choose you moments to take
advantage of the short openings and move people there fast.
I was also able to work a few VE4s and VE7s.  But why did
every single sked with VE5s or VE6es fail?

Six gave me a real thrill with the VO1ZA beacon in St John's
coming in quite well for over an hour this morning.  Once I
heard it, I scoured 15 and 20 in search of VOs to move to
six.  KB1T/VO1 was the first (SSB only), followed by Jerry
VO1GO (both modes), giving me an extra two multipliers that
I had no real expectation of working.

Two metres was useful only for working a couple of locals,
but living on the border between two provinces makes it easy
to pick up four multipliers on that band.

VY1RAC and VY1XXV/m were the only Yukon stations I heard.
Like most (or maybe all) I missed VE8 and VY0 completely.  I
reckon that one-band mult sweeps are very rare this time

It was great fun, as usual.  Thanks for the QSOs and
obliging my pesty requests to change bands and modes.

I sit on pins and needles waiting for news of VE3KZ's score.


Dave VE2ZP

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