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WO1N CQ160CW Score/Story

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Subject: WO1N CQ160CW Score/Story
From: 75260.3652@compuserve.com (KEN CARUSO)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:45:02 -0500
WO1N - CQ 160CW Score and Story 
 350Q's/ 21DX/ 45States/VE = 62,766
 Low Power/ S.O. (no packet)
Story: Had trouble getting pysched up as it was a pretty tough week in
work. Got home right at 5:00 after promising myself I would leave at 12:00,
then 1:00, then 2:00 ad nauseum. Of course CT was not set up. First
Q was 2219Z. Not to bad I guess. As usual you tend to get more pumped up
as you go along, so I found a hole down low and ran for about an hour.
Decided to go look for DX and discovered the band was in pretty bad shape.
A lot of CQ's in the face from DX esp. the Carib friday night. Pulled
the plug at 0818Z. Had a UA stop by and work me while
running for the only highlight, but only a handful of DX to show.
2nd night the band was in much better shape with a GW in the log at
2308Z, I knew it would be easier going. Took a 3hr break to eat/shower/sleep
then did the entire evening. Pulled the plug at 1000Z (don't ask me why I
didn't stick around for sunrise...what an idiot...). Got a few hours sleep
got up and snagged two more Q's for the duped total of 350. 

In all, one more DX than last year, but 75 less q's. Guess I spent to
much time trying to work the OX (pirate???, didn't).  A little frustrating
the first night, but in the end I'm pleased. DX missed: PI4COM, 9A2VR 
(might be in their log), 9A1A, I4IMY, YL2PQ. The additional 1000' feet of
radials this year seems to be doing the trick. I figure another 1000' and
I'll be squeezing the 55' Inv L for all its worth....
CU in the next one,

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