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Subject: WE9V NAQP SSB Score
From: kurscj@oampc12.csg.mot.com (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 10:25:22 -0600
WE9V Phone January NAQP Score

Call Used:  WE9V
Station:    KS9K
Exchange:   Chad WI

        BAND   Raw QSOs   Mults   
                                  At the station of KS9K:
       160SSB     131      40     Lazy Inverted Vees, 2 2-Wire Beverages
        80SSB     240      53     2 el @ 168'  (This thing kicks a**!)
        40SSB     233      49     Fullsize 3/3 @ 84/168', 2 el Cush @ 115'
        20SSB     175      41     5/5/5 @ 42/84/126', 5 @ 168'
        15SSB     127      35     5/5/5 @ 33/66/ 99', 5 @ 132'
        10SSB      19      13     5/5/5 @ 33/66/ 99'
      _________________________   FT-1000, FT-1000MP, TR v5.60, 2 W9XT DVRs

      Totals      925     231 

      Final Score = 213,675 points.


Gotta love those mults!!  Only had the Top 2 M/2 stations work more. Cool!
But what's up with my Q total?  I honestly don't think I spent too much
time passing mults to subtract from my rate.  I had the 2 radio thing
going and if the rate was good on one radio, I usually didn't bother
with the other.

160: Nice band, lots of good signals.  Listened mostly to the TX antenna.
     Good number of Qs and mults here.  
     DX: MT (N9ITX),ID (W7ZRC),UT (KI7WX),CA (N6VEN who?, N6NF),WY (KB7M)

 80: One of my strong bands stateside, as usual.  80 and 160 are the only
     bands where we (KS9K) have antennas that work for DX AND Stateside.
     Excellent Q and mult totals for single op.  DX: C6

 40: QSO total a bit lower than expected.  Late afternoon just couldn't
     get ANYTHING going, then at 00z there was an explosion of W6/7.
     QRATE (see below) put me at a 151 hour on this band, then the bottom
     fell out and only managed 6 Qs between 00z and 06z.  DX: XE

 20: What happened here????  Geez, last year I had 1000 Qs here (M/2)!
     I thought I was doing decent because WX9E only had 99 Qs here last
     weekend for CW, but compared to everyone else, it looks like I
     really missed the boat!  But I guess skip was pretty long.  Long
     enough that most of my signal landed in one pond or the other.
     AA5WQ at N2IC must have been far enough West to work almost
     600 Qs on this band.  My mult/Q ratio pretty good.
     DX: C6, KP4, XE   DX/no mult credit: 7P, 8P, CT (2), F

 15: BONUS!!  Very respectable Q and mult total from the midwest.
     DX: KP4, XE, VP2M (and 9Y)

 10: Double Bonus!  A few ground wave Qs, but 13 states worth certainly
     isn't ground wave anymore.
     DX: NM (KC5LFV), CA (W6TJ), WY (KB7M), MA (K8JLF), NY (W6XR),
         LA (KB4OGM), VA (K7SV), and of course SD (WD0T)

QRATE had this to say:

 0239:          6 per minute     (360/hr)    80M
 2356:         37 per 10 minutes (222/hr)    40M
 0046:        151 per hour                   40M

SIX Banders:  K7SV, WD0T    Thanks guys!
5 Banders:    WX9E, and 1 other person, but can't figure out who! (SRI)
4 Banders:     15
3 Banders:     44
2 Banders:    121
1 Banders:    470

QTH Distribution:
  1.           CA  160   WOW!  Double the next QTH!  3.5 times the next!
  2.           TX   78
  3.           NY   45
  4.           NC   32
  5.           NJ   28
  6.           PA   28
  7.           CO   28
  8.           OR   27
  9.           WA   25
 10.           AZ   25
 11.           TN   24
 12.           VA   22
 13.           IL   20
 14.           OH   20
 15.           MI   19

Band Changes:  161 !!!

Single-Op/Two-Radio comments:

I juggled two radios most of the time.  I didn't have any contester-to-
contester frequency battles.  If I was busy on one radio, too busy to
keep the other freq busy, and someone started CQing, I let him have it.
I took it as a great opportunity to do some S&Ping on the other radio
until I found another freq.

Two radios is also EXCELLENT for finding a clear freq for a mult pass.
I would just keep talking until I found a clear freq on the other radio.

Thanks as always goes to my host and meal provider, KS9K.

Chad Kurszewski, WE9V              e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski@csg.mot.com
The Official "Sultans of Shwing" Web Site:  http://www.4w.com/ham/sos

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