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WE9V 160 Score/Signal Reports

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Subject: WE9V 160 Score/Signal Reports
From: kurscj@oampc12.csg.mot.com (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 08:51:33 -0600
The measly 3 hour effort from WE9V (at KS9K):

180 Qs  474 Pts  43 St/VE  11 Countries   ==  25,596  S/O HP

Only operated a couple hours early the first night then 30 minutes in
the morning.  I didn't feel the band was that good this early in the
night...it took ON4UN several tries to get my call!

HiLite:  Being called by 5N0MVE !!  (And working FT5WE on 20 for a new one)

Since I wasn't taking this contest seriously, I decided to listen around
and compare signals out there.  I know I like hearing an honest report
(AFTER the contest) so hopefully you will too.

I spent about 30 minutes tuning around and jotting down signal reports
Friday nite starting at 0030z.  My general impression is that signals
were down.  Big guns were not that big and the pistols were hardly heard.

Details:  Listening on TX antenna, a Tilted-Inverted-Vee hung from a
          165' tower, favoring NE.  Background noise was S7-S8.
          Rig was a FT-1000.

And without further adieu:

AB4RU      +15
K3JT       +15
KY1H       + 5
K4VEE      S9 - +10
KQ2M       S9
AA5BL      + 5
K8CC       +15-20
K5ZD       +10-15
N2NT       +10
WA1LNP     S9 - +5
K7SV       S9 - +5
WD8LLD     +15
W3GH       +15
KY1H       +15 now
WB9Z       +15
K2WK       + 5
W0AIH/9    +15
KM9P       S9
N6TR       PW
W1CW       + 5

There was a lot of QSB on many of the signals, as much as 10 to 20dB.
My FT-1000's S-meter is a bit stingy.  It would have been nice to use
one of the FT-1000MPs as I think their meter is better calibrated.

Chad Kurszewski, WE9V              e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski@csg.mot.com
The Official "Sultans of Shwing" Web Site:  http://www.4w.com/ham/sos

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