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[3830] NAQP CW WE9V Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] NAQP CW WE9V Single Op LP
From: webform@b4h.net
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Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 14:34:53 -0800
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                    North American QSO Party, CW

Call: WE9V
Operator(s): WE9V
Station: WE9V

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 9:50
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  203    47
   80:  254    53
   40:  283    54
   20:  223    53
   15:   64    17
   10:    2     2
Total: 1029   226  Total Score = 232,554

Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Team: SMC #1


Man, I LOVE this contest.  High rates, low hours, high activity,
low QRM, and running into all my "buddies".

My personal best QSO total for this one, but the mults were down.
Couldn't get anything going on 15M.  Listened to 10M a couple times,
but dead silent here.  The only 2 Qs on 10M were after 05z on some
long, long ground wave.

Missed several Qs on 160 due to no RX antenna.  I could hear
people calling, but if you don't make it over my S8 line noise,
I'm hosed.  SRI.  200 Qs on 160M...cool.

Asked very few poeple for QSY.  Probably not a good thing on
my part.  The only time I felt like asking was when I was on
a lower band and wanted to pass to a higher band, but by then
the band was probably too long for the pass.

Congrats to the top scorers...and the big mult total from

Chad WE9V

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