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[3830] WPX SSB 6Y1V M/2 HP

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Subject: [3830] WPX SSB 6Y1V M/2 HP
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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 12:17:48 -0700
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                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: 6Y1V
Operator(s): KY1V, W4PA, WE9V, K6AM
Station: 6Y1V

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:   50
   80:  956
   40: 1733
   20: 3043
   15: 1301
   10:   21
Total: 7104  Prefixes = 1323  Total Score = 30,315,222



Scott, W4PA, here.  David KY1V told me on Monday after the contest "you like to
write, put up the 3830 post with our score when you get back."

Let me say -- what a fun weekend in Jamaica at the 6Y1V station.  KY1V and
have gone to considerable effort to put up a major league contest station on
the northwest side of the island near Montego Bay.  All the toys you need are
there -- rigs, big amps, monobander stacks on 10/15/20 plus 2 of the largest
SteppIR antennas on two 140' towers.  We continually got reports over the
weekend that were "you're the loudest station on the band" or "I don't hear
much anyone else right now, but you guys are 20 over 9 in [insert USA state]".

The crew was myself, KY1V, K6AM, and WE9V.  WE9V was putting in his second
appearance in the Caribbean this month after running ARRL DX SSB at PJ2T

WE9V had made up some op schedules prior to the contest and we ended up
splitting the 96 available rig hours (M/2 = 48 hours x 2 radios = 96 op hours)
roughly 15 for KY1V and 27-28 each for me, Chad, and John.  

Band conditions were predictably kind of bad.  15 meters opened weakly to
Europe for a couple of hours each day and even the USA openings in the
afternoon were pretty marginal.  10 never opened to the USA or EU -- all 21
QSO's were South America.  In general, the peaks of Europe activity regardless
of band were at local EU sundown/up -- we spent a whole lot of time listening
ESP-level weak signals in QRM on 40 meters trying for those valuable 6
pointers.  One of the two op positions had a second radio in line with a
commutator that allowed a second op to either click on spots or help listen to
the run freq as needed -- me and K6AM spent the last two hours of the contest
trying to pull out weak EU's at the same time while still daylight outside

In the run up to operating last week, WE9V had sent out an email that
we try for the North American M/2 record.  I was initially skeptical (you got
me, Chad, you never had any doubt we were going to crush it) -- I figured we
had the crew OK but the band conditions have been so horrific this month that
wondered if it would be reachable -- but I agreed we'd go for it.  KY1V was at
the mic when N2YO was worked on 40 in only the 28th hour of the contest when
our claimed score passed the old mark.  The claimed score is a tad over 30M;
after log checking it ought to end up in the 28M range.  The previous record
was just under 16M set by V47KP in 2003.

Cheers and a Red Stripe to David KY1V for having us down there this weekend to
see and experience what he and Krassy have created.  Hope to do it again!

Pictures of past operations and station information are located on their
website at www.6y1v.com 

Scott W4PA

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