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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX SSB ZY7C(@PT7CB) M/2 HP
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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 02:04:28 -0800
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                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: ZY7C
Operator(s): PT7CB, PT7ZAP, PY8AZT
Station: PT7CB

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   33    18
   80:  637    53
   40:  648    55
   20: 1431    61
   15: 1687    61
   10:  143    26
Total: 4579   274  Total Score = 3,763,116

Club: Fortaleza DX Group


This contest was for just testing the station for upcoming WPX SSB. We spotted
problems on 20m system (rotor not working properly on first day), one a PA not
working (used spare one) and some little issues to be address next days
(filters, radios, CAT Control, etc).

Working M/2 with 3 Ops delivery a lot of fun and some funny moments with
someone sleeping on the chair.

One Op from KC1XX came to our frequency politely asking us to move up. We did
it, and he came again asking to move even more, we were 2kHz away! Hey, guys,
how much bandwidth do you need? So, we gave up and quick spotted better place
to go.

Thanks you all for nice contest. 
We'll back on RussianDX and WPX SSB!

Best 73,
ZY7C Team

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