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[3830] CQ160 CW SV0XBZ/9(YL2VW) Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] CQ160 CW SV0XBZ/9(YL2VW) Single Op LP
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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 06:29:11 -0800
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                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: SV0XBZ/9
Operator(s): YL2VW
Station: SV0XBZ/9

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Crete island
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Total:  QSOs = 411  State/Prov = 6  Countries = 51  Total Score = 126,369

Club: Latvian Contest Club


Thanks for the QSOs!

Operated just 12 hours because of the antenna work and family obligations.
Started late all 3 nights.

Enjoyed event a lot. Strongest NA station here was W4ZV and some other callsign
from Texas, which I donâ??t remember but who did not hear me anyway.
Most interesting DX worked â?" JT5DX.

Did the contest old style â?" without cluster/skimmer spots, because I knew
that I will not have enough time to get bored.

"EU Zoo" in pile-up â?" this is long story. This was the experience to be "on
the other side" for me. I tried to perform as good as I could. Will try to do
better next time. Anyway it would help for sure, if some guys here in Europe
would shift their (dis)balance of TX/RX towards RX side.

I put up & took down the topband antenna before/after each operating night (to
keep +/- low profile in daylight). 18m Spiderbeam telescopic fibreglass pole is
used as the support.

The following setup was used:
-Icom 756 ProII, 100W, automatic coupler (RAN-3MICRO by SV1NL)
-Antenna â?" T shape:
--1st night: full version - 15m vertical wire and 2x 15m sloping wires from the
--2nd night: short version - about 7m vertical wire (because of stronger winds
and lack of proper guying) + 2x 15m sloping wires bended at lower ends.
--3rd night: started with the short version, then extended to the full version
for the last 40 minutes.
--All nights 4 bended radials scattered a bit above or on the roof (approx
15-25m long).

Agris (SV0XBZ/9, YL2VW)

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