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[3830] FlQP W4AN/M(@K4BAI/M) M/SCW LP

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Subject: [3830] FlQP W4AN/M(@K4BAI/M) M/SCW LP
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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 03:12:24 +0000
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: W4AN/M
Operator(s): KU8E K4BAI
Station: K4BAI/M

Class: M/SCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   276    0
   20:  1768    0
   15:   300    0
   10:     2    0
Total:  2346    0  CW Mults = 80  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 750,720

Club: South East Contest Club


IC756Pro, 100W, Hustler mobile whips with DX Engineering Top Hat for 20M.  Jeff,
KU8E, cured the RFI problems we had in the GA QSO Party.  Rigs, antennas, and
computer worked fine.  Jeff had also improved the back-seat installation of the
rig and gotten a desktop to place on the operator's lap to hold the computer and
paddle.  It had a built in light that came in handy Saturday night.  Jeff's
older son, Andrew, was our chief navigator again and kept us on the correct
roads.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get to all the counties on our list,
but we are glad that others took up the slack and sweeps were still possible. 
We were QRV in 32 counties.  

Band conditions were pretty bad for most of the weekend.  15M had some real
good signals from Europe, Central and South America.  Also, our best DX was a
few QSOs with RZ0AF in Asia.  Our only two QSOs on 10M were with K5YAA in our
same county and a very weak WA6KHK on a QSY from 15M.  Obviously from other
reports to 3830, we missed some good openings on 10 to California at least. 
40M had several very storng EU stations and a few from the U.S. west coast.  We
had either two (80 and 40) or three ( 20, 15, and 10) bands available at any one
time, so QSYs were easier than when we formerly had to stop to change
resonators.  Many thanks for all who called (and a few FL stations who answered
our calls on 40M).  
we missed HI, AK, UT, NV, NE, ND, SD, VE5, VE8, VY1, 2, and 0.  Must have had
about 30 DX country mults.  

Congrats to all the other mobile operators.  We met VE7ZO and K5KG of the
K4KG/M operation for supper Saturday night near Jacksonville. Thanks to the FCG
and all who work on making this QSO party so successful.

Tentatively, we hope to QRV again in the Alabama QSO Party the first Saturday
in June.  

73, John, K4BAI.

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