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[3830] NDQP AE0EE Fixed LP

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Subject: [3830] NDQP AE0EE Fixed LP
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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 04:35:31 +0000
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                    North Dakota QSO Party

Call: AE0EE
Operator(s): AE0EE
Station: AE0EE

Class: Fixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:   28                
   20:   50     17        3
   15:   14               3
    2:           1         
Total:   92     18     Mults = 38  Total Score = 4,408

Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn


Field-day style setup, camping in a park near Hankinson, ND, in Richland County
(EN16), where I and several other ops had gone for the W1AW/0-ND operation last

100 W (5 W for the locally late parts of Saturday night) into a 15/40 m dipole
and a 20 m dipole.  One tent kept the generator dry, while the other housed the
operator overnight.  Saturday afternoon and evening the weather was pleasant and
I operated outside at the picnic table, but after dark with forecast, I headed
into the operating/operator tent.

There was a breeze and some rain overnight, but it was a steady, light to
moderate rain, not the torrential thunderstorm and buffeting winds that were
there the last time.

This was a joint effort with K0BBC and W0ZF.  They transported me to the
campground, lent me some supplies for the operation (generator, tent for it,
etc.), and then continued on their way as a rover.  Two operations for the
commute of one!  Unfortunately, our plan that I would get a sweep of their
county operations did not come to pass---in fact, I only worked them once, on 2
m a few minutes after they had left the campground.  It was to be my only ND
QSO; more on that in a minute.

The 40 m band was in bad shape, with S9(+) noise for pretty much the entire QSO
party.  I had better luck on 20 and 15 m, including some DX (G, DL, UA).  With
the high noise, I could barely hear the stations I was working, so CW seemed to
be the way to go.  With a few people having requested RTTY contacts, I obliged
with some RTTY operation, but was unable to make contacts with the folks who
had requested it.

Apart from my contact with K0BBC, I heard only one other ND station.  As I was
looking for K0BBC late Sunday morning (end time is 1:00 PM local) on SSB, I
came across W0ND.  I could barely hear him, but he worked a few stations, then
announced he needed to close his station.  He encouraged the pileup to look for
other ND stations.  As soon as he signed off, I took the frequency.  The start
was a little slow for the pileup which had been there, but a run soon

Overall, I had a good time and things worked as planned.  It would have been
nice to have the tent setup and antenna launching move more quickly, but the
job got done without mishap or excess anxiety.  The weather forecast was
accurate from 3-4 days out, and none of the weather was severe.  Because there
were other campers (RV camping) and the national guard wasn't there (as they
were last time) with generators much larger than K0BBC's, I turned the
generator off around 9:30 local time.  I still made 5 QSOs on 40 m with 5 watts
from a battery.

Field day won't be the first time this year I've operated from a tent (in the
rain!) on non-commercial power with temporary antennas.  Operating in the field
was quite enjoyable, and made for some added excitement---like being an in-state
entry for the NDQP.

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