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[3830] WVQP AA4TI MobileMixed LP

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Subject: [3830] WVQP AA4TI MobileMixed LP
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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 13:45:29 +0000
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                    West Virginia QSO Party - 2021

Call: AA4TI
Operator(s): AA4TI
Station: AA4TI

Class: MobileMixed LP
QTH: Florida
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   40:  163     44       
   20:   81     98       
Total:  244    142      0  Mults = 51  Total Score = 33,385

Club: Florida Contest Group


I left Ohio in torrential rain and traveled to Wayne, WV arriving shortly before
noon.  I went looking for a mountaintop to operate from and found a good spot to
start the contest.  Generally, the conditions were decent and I put 74 contacts
in the log quickly, all on 20 meters.  Due to the time constraints, I did not
try 40 meters from Wayne.  

I wanted to put out 10 or more counties and I did not operate while in motion. 
So, I had to limit my time in each county to reach my county goals.

I moved to Cabell County and put another 76 contacts in the log on 20 and 40
both modes. Putnam County only put another 44 contacts in the log.  It was a
huge struggle to make contacts from Kanawha, Roane and Clay much to my dismay. 
Only 53 contacts went into the log total for those three counties.  In Clay
County, I was determined to find a hill top to operate from, and discovered a
gravel road that went up to large cell tower.  I went up the road which was
steep and winding and managed to get to the top of the mountain next to the cell
tower.  When I fired up the rig, my noise level was 10 over 9 on all bands and I
could not make a single contact.  So, I managed to work my way back down the
road which was more than just a bit heart stopping, and made a few contacts from
a park and ride area next to the interstate highway.

There were plenty of hill tops to operate from on the interstate highways, but
the State Police will not let you pull over to do that, so  you have to get off
the highway to operate.  I only found a few really decent locations to operate.

Nearly all of my time was spent running and I probably should have looked harder
to find WV stations.  I split my time pretty much equally between 20 and 40,
with 40 meters having a slight edge in contacts.  75 meters was totally unusable
due to noise levels that were sky high.

I got into Fayette County at 309Z and struggled to put the last twenty contacts
in the log.  It seemed like everyone had gone off to bed.  No one actually
expected to see a mobile still running at 11PM local time...lol.  Fayette was
number 10 county.

Long day, and I learned a few new operating tricks to improve the score next

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