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K7RI (K7ST op) ssb sprint

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Subject: K7RI (K7ST op) ssb sprint
From: pacarch@wolfenet.com (Adam Kerner)
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 18:05:44 -0800
218 / 38 /  8,284 pts

Where was everyone??  Let's see...Superbowl, no...Boat show...nope...
Gilligan's Island reruns...yep, that must be it!!!  Seems like
participation was way down this year.  About 50 or 60 stations in the
hunt, with twice that many out back playing with "Babe".  S9+ noise on
40 and 80 was tough, especially with only 40 minutes on

At rate, a good time had by all, and thanks to K7RI for use of the
station.  FT1000, Alpha 77, stacked KT34XA's (unfortunately 20 died
before they broke a sweat), 402CD, and sloper on 80.  Sorry to all who
tried to call me, some have already e-mailed me about the proper use of
a q-tip to clean ears!!  I tried, but the noise kept all but the loud
at bay!!!

Cheers, Adam
K7ST...(S)o (T)here

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