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[3830] K4QD CQWW RTTY Score

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Subject: [3830] K4QD CQWW RTTY Score
From: k4qd@palmnet.net (Jan A. Heise)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:01:51 -0400
Country, State:  Florida
Multi-Op. Single Transmitter High Power

      QSOs Points Zones DX: States  Mults  Score
80m:   92   129   10    14  34
40m:  172   286   15    35  42
20m:  475   893   22    64  52
15m:  543  1285   26    67  45
10m:  288   801   21    56  17
Tot: 1570  3394   94   236 190      520   1,764,880

Station #1: TS-850S/AT, Harris Amp (1KW RTTY for 48 Hr), AF4Z
Station #2: TS-850S/AT, Heath SB220, AF4Z Multi-Modem
Antenna(s): Cushcraft A4S (40-10) at 80 ft, 40M delta loop, 80M caged
dipole, Butternut HFV6
Software: WriteLog v9.12d on two networked Pentiums

Operators: AF4Z, AH8R, K4AW, K4PX, K4QD, KC4HW, KD4HHF, KE4MMI, KT4DI,

Club:  Platinum Coast ARS (The Florida Boys)
Remarks: This year we ran two stations for the full contest for the
first time. The WriteLog software worked great providing us two
networked stations with logging, DX packet cluster and rig control. In
our local club we encourage as many people to participate in contests as
possible. Using twelve operators, some who had not used the software,
increased the challenge, but everyone had a great time.

Jan A. Heise   K4QD (ex WA4VQD) also KG4QD, VP8CRB, K4QD/C6A
k4qd@palmnet.net        http//:www5.palmnet.net/~k4qd

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