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[3830] W1IA ARRLCW DX Results and Story

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Subject: [3830] W1IA ARRLCW DX Results and Story
From: caruso@netcad.ENET.dec.com (K. CARUSO)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 97 11:58:57 EST
      Call: W1IA                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi-Single
      Power: High Power

               QSO   QSO PTS  COUNTRIES

      160       40      120   31
       80      154      453   56
       40      399     1197   80
       20      923     2763   84
       15       92      276   55
       10        0        0   0
     Totals   1608     4809   306  =   1,471,554

 Ops: K1TWF, W1IA, W1TQ, N1TT, W1ES, WO1N, K1WD

 Club Affiliation: YCCC

 Station: FT1000D, AL1200, 40-2CD @ 60, TH7 @ 50', A4 @ 50', 80M Dipole,
          160M Inv L
 Story (as told by WO1N):

 The general consensus of the regulars in the week before was limited
 involvement especially because of Valentines day. A couple of us had to
 pay our dues Friday night to keep the better halves happy (hey no problem,
 first night out with my wife in over six months!). As a result we
 limited the setup to one station instead of the multi-two we usually
 do from K1TWF's.
 W1IA and W1ES openned on 40M with one of our best starts ever. 2 hrs
 at 60q each. I paid my first visit around 0400Z and found W1IA still 
 making good progress on 80M having already swept 160M once. 
 I left when W1TQ showed up for the graveyard shift. Dave eked out a
 pretty respectible 26 hr on 40M at 0600 and slogged it out til 1000Z on
 40M. The move to 20M was earlier than we usually do, but it looks like
 it paid off with an 82 hr at 1100Z and 101 at 1200Z. Looking at
 the breakdown, an early move to 15M wasn't nearly as productive and 
 they were back to 20M at 1600Z. 
 My shift wasn't until 1800Z. I started with a 56hr on 20M, moved to 15M
 for a sweep. Back to 20M til 2200Z. Highlight was a run of 40 JA's 
 around our sunset. I then bugged out for what looks to be just
 in time. I see a lot of band moves and some single digit Q hours
 between 0200Z and 1200Z. N1TT had so much fun during the 0600Z to 1000Z 
 Sun morn shift that when I showed up he literally threw the headphones
 at me. Although my rates weren't much better until 1200Z I managed a run of
 10 mults with the highlight being AH6MZ on 160M. The rest of the day can
 be summed up in one band, 20M. We ran all day with our best hour being
 1300Z with 83Q's (only 1 mult!). The move to 40M was at around 2030Z and
 was productive with 76 and 58Q hrs. In the last hour we moved to
 80M and squeaked out a 30Q hour.

 In all the conditions seemed good. It was probably a mistake not going
 to 10M at all, but the AL1200 is pretty touchy about that (we keep blowing
 the fuses on the QSK card on 10M), so I think we were a little gun shy.
 Also, in retrospect we clearly did not spend enough time on 15M, but
 it was tough to give up the run freq on 20M. We resisted the
 temptation several times during Sunday. K1TWF rearranged the station
 prior to the test and it was a big plus. The after contest log review
 featured several single malts that made the score look better as the
 evening progressed ;-).

 CU in the next one,


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