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[AMPS] versions of the Amp Supply LK500s

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Subject: [AMPS] versions of the Amp Supply LK500s
From: (Greg Gobleman)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:19:10 -0600
Lot's of different versions within each model.  I have an LK500ZA, regular
transformer, with QSK.  The QSK is an open frame relay.  Not real sure just
what it does, but I wouldn't call it QSK.  Not like on a LK800.  I saw an
LK500ZA with the Hypersil transformer.  The amp had a black front panel
where mine is gray.  Someone with more know on the subject can probably tell
u the differences between the LK500ZA, ZB and ZC models.  I'm sure some of
it is the better cooling in later models.  Vacuum relay QSK etc.  My old ZA
plays well and was the right price.  The amp with the Hypersil transformer
supposed to put out a couple to several hundred more watts out.

Greg K9ZM

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