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Subject: [AMPS] RE: AL-1500 or Alpha
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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 13:06:34 -0800
Hi guys,
 just a short note. I've ran both the AL-1200 and the 91b. Both worked
well.... BUT I feel te folks at Alpha are a little stuck up and or
arrogant. They always seemed to have no time to answer my
questions...befor or after the sale. If I ever buy another leagle limit
amp,it will be another Command Technologies amp. I currently have the HF
2500E. I call it my Alpha eater!! Talk about heavy duty. In fact, it's
to much amp for me,and is for sale.The 91b and the Al-1200 advertise
that there amps loaf at leagle limit....well the AL-1200 takes alot of
drive (right at 100 watts) to reach this output. The Alpha was a little
easyer to get 1500 out of (about 55-65 watts of drive).The Commander
takes only 20 watts or so to reach 1500. And with 100-125 watts in, you
get about 5000 out!! Now thats loafing in my book! And the service from
Command is out standing.No waiting to talk to a tech or call backs 3
days later.In fact,9 times out of 10, you talk with the owner. So good
luck on your hunt for your amp. 

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