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[AMPS] Step Start for AL-80A

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Subject: [AMPS] Step Start for AL-80A
From: (Jack W Hyder, Jr.)
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 22:02:43 -0500
Thanks to all who replied to my recent inquiry.  As requested by some,
here is a brief summary of the responses:

1.  The addition of step start/inrush protection eliminates the CLUNK
sound produced when the amp is turned on.  The newer AL-80B comes with
step start.

2.  The circuit appearing in QST Hints & Kinks (June 1996 at page 69)
appears to work well.  It is easy to install and inexpensive.

3.  AG6K has another simple circuit at  He uses a
12vdc relay which eliminates any tendency of a 120vac relay to buzz.

4.  The external Ameritron ICP-240 step start also works well.  It
connects between the amp and the wall outlet.  Power to the amp is
controlled by a switch on the ICP-240, and the power switch on the amp is
left ON all the time.  

5.  A time delay relay could also be installed.  These were reported to
be available for about $20 at Hosfelt Electronics (800-5240-6464).

6.  Another idea was to install a zero current relay (available at HVAC
and electrical supply houses).

Thanks again for your help.

Jack   W4JH      

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