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[Amps] SELL: Amplifier Components

Subject: [Amps] SELL: Amplifier Components
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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 12:42:44 GMT
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A.Plate tune HV air variable .120 spacing 9"long $35
B.Plate tune DUAL HV air variable 75 pFd per section .160" spacing Hvy dty.040" 
gauge plates 8" long $45
C.Plate tune dual section HV air variable 50pFd each section .160 spacing $35
D.Radio Switch 2P10T porcelain silvered 5KW+ new bandswitch w/detents and 
position lockouts $35
E.50 pFd RF padder caps $6 ea.
F. Filament flange mount feed thru by pass capacitors 2mFd 50V/50amps $16pr
G.10 tuned input variable slugs w/mtng hdwe $55
H.Tandem, fully wired Johnson 3-500/3CX1200A7 porcelain wired sockets 
w/silvered buss bars,grid by pass caps $25
I.10-80m hvy duty silvered tank coil 4" dia.3/8" & 3" dia 1/4" coil w/ threaded 
mount $25
K.Pressurized sub chassis w/SK410 socket and 50amp wired bifilar choke $45 
J.Heath SB200 10-80m bandswitch/tank coil clean no RF burn marks $35
L.Drake L4B fil xmfr dual 110/220VAC primaries 5VCT at 30amps + multiple 
relay/fan accessory windings Mint $85 All+ shipping 

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