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Subject: [Amps] Alpha Amps
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 07:45:44 -0500
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Random thoughts about Alpha Amps...........

Several hamfests ago I heard the rumors that Alpha was to be avoided.
Usually around the big nice displays of the competition.

I know just how much a single rumor can kill several years of good will.

I consider this AMPS forum an impartial, informational site, and I can think for myself.

Please don't suggest that filtering information to "your" standards is in any way protecting me or doing me any favors.

The delete button is your friend if you think content is inappropriate.

I'm glad to get corrected information, "from the horse's mouth", as they say.

Politics of amps aside, Alpha continues a long heritage that deserves to be preserved, and I will take a closer look at Alpha for my "retirement amp".


Quoting Shon Edwards <>:

Wow Mike, have been looking around your stuff on the Internet.  I'd had my
heart on an MFJ, the cheapest one they have that will do full limit, but I
have to admit, I'd switch to yours in a heartbeat!  Whenever I get up some
funds, most definitely!

Thanks again for changing my perspective.

73 de K6QT, Shon

Shon R. Edwards, MA, AG (Czech Republic)
Amateur call:  K6QT
1039 N 2575 W
Layton, UT, 84041-7709
Home phone:  (801) 444-3445


Shon Edwards
715 Strawberry Creek Private Rd.
Bedford, WY 83112
Cell:  (307) 248-2104
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