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[Amps] Henry 2K-4, no hi-volt, no filament?

Subject: [Amps] Henry 2K-4, no hi-volt, no filament?
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 03:34:01 EST
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I have a rarely used Henry 2K-4 that seems to have developed a problem just  
there.  I turned it on over the weekend, and the meters light up and  the fan 
turns -
But no high voltage, and the filaments don't light.  I checked  the 3 amp 
fuse by jumping
it out, and made sure the safety switches were ok. Mine has no reset  relay.
If any one is familiar with these units, I'd appreciate some input on what  
to look for before
panic sets in.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Kevin -  KC8GIA
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