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[AMPS] Icom SS Amp

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Subject: [AMPS] Icom SS Amp
From: (Andy Wallace)
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 16:38:34 -0600

I have the ICOM  4KL which is very similar to the PW1. You don't run the
power supply when barefoot and it can be hooked to other radios but with
the 4KL you lose the auto band switch. With my  Icom 775dsp it acts like
a 1000 watt transceiver as in many military applications. Auto tune of
the amp to the band, auto band switch when I change the 775 and auto
tune of the antenna ( can deal with up to 3-1 SWR ). The fans are so
quiet I have it under my operating table and cannot hear it. It has a
chip that remembers tuning settings so it takes only a second or two to
tune a new band. Will spoil you in a hurry but would be nice to have
full legal of 1500 watts. I get more pleasure out of operating than I do
out of elaborate tune-ups every time I change bands.

Andy  K5VM

Merv Schweigert wrote:

> Want to thank you guys for the comments made on the
> Yaesu solid state amp.   Does anyone use the Icom ?
> If so do you have to run the power supply even when
> running barefoot as with the Yaesu ?
> Does any one drive it with a Yaesu Ft1000D ?   And can
> the band selection be adapted to the Yaesu ?
> I believe it can be located up to 10 feet from the op position
> so fan noise most likely not a problem..
> Any other comments on the PW1  ??
> Thanks very much   73 Merv K9FD
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