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[Amps] Status of Alpha Amps?

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Subject: [Amps] Status of Alpha Amps?
From: "Joe Giacobello, K2XX via Amps" <>
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 17:44:04 -0400
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Apparently, I was the one who initiated this thread, which has created such a kerfuffle. There had been lot of news re Alpha, TenTec, etc going on at the periphery of my attention for the past year or so that I was legitimately ignorant of their current status. As others have pointed out, difficulty accessing their web page added to my concern.

I'm sure the Alpha principals, who have commented on this subject, will be gratified to know that because of all the favorable opinions I received from the members of this group, I have decided to buy the 9500 and will pick it up this Friday. Many thanks to all who helped me make that decision.

73, Joe

I was offered an updated, apparently flawless Alpha 9500 at a reasonable price. I was vaguely aware of Alpha's involvement in consolidation under the aegis of RF Concepts with TenTec, but I hadn't paid close attention. Based on the reviews in, the amp appears to be a reliable performer, although it does lack 6M, which seems to be the norm these days. A viable source of competent repairs seems to be a major issue. Anyone out there know the current status of Alpha amp ownership?

Thanks and 73,

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