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[Amps] Commander Hf2500E

To: "Amplifier Reflector" <>
Subject: [Amps] Commander Hf2500E
From: "Joe Barnes" <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 23:31:48 -0400
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2 questions about my Commander HF2500E, 

1- does anyone have any experience changing out the noisy open frame relay and 
replacing it with a vacuum relay?

2- tonight when I was tuning up on 10 meters for the first time in a long time 
I noticed the SWR went way up on the beam. I lowered the drive to see if it was 
just some condensation or something like that in the feed line fittings, 
however something in the amp made a frying sound and the gain on the amp went 
to about 3db. One of the tubes is discolored, the plate voltage is normal. The 
plate current looks to be about right when I key the amp however it just isn't 
making any power. 
It should make way more power than this even on one tube.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

73, Joe N4JBK
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