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Re: [Amps] SB200 on 30m

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Subject: Re: [Amps] SB200 on 30m
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 03:07:16 +0000
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Use the 10M band setting for 12, 15M for 17, and 20M for 30.  Then, starting 
out with low drive power (about 10 watts) tune the amp like you would normally. 
 The sweet spots on the Tune and Load cap knobs will be in strange places and 
may be kinda quirky but you should be able to load it up.

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Subject: [Amps] SB200 on 30m


On 30m using the 20m band-switch position, I’m able to get about 200w out into 
a dummy load/wattmeter before the grid current rises faster than the plate 
current. On 80/40 I can get over 400w out.  Since I’m only interested in using 
the amp on 80/40/30, I thought to improve the 30m situation a bit by adding a 
few turns to the total pi-network inductance in the 20m position.

I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of efficiency on 80/40 to bring up 30 and 
sacrifice 20/15/10 entirely. The goal here would be 300+ watts on 80/40/30 with 
ease. I have already taken care of the input matching for 30 in the 20m 

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Jerome - va7vv/ve7ass

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