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[Amps] FS: 432 Amp project

Subject: [Amps] FS: 432 Amp project
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 17:24:55 EST
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For Sale: Major pieces of 500 Watt amplifier for 70  cm.
This is one more of those projects I figured I'd  get to sooner or's looking later...
Includes Motorola dual cavity  RF deck running a pair of 4X150s or 4CX250s 
on 450 MHz. Notes are provided  (Tnx K1LPS!) for conversion to 432.
Separate Motorola meter  panel (Really nice)  fits a 19" rack and contains 
5 meters:  
measures HV (0-3 KV), Plate current 0-500 mA, Line voltage (0-150), Screen  
current (0-100 mA) and grid current (dual scale 0-50 uA/0-250 mA ) 
Email me  for pictures of further info.
Steve  Gilbert
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