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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha Amps
From: Steve Wright <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 09:51:43 +1300
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On 04/10/17 09:20, Ray Day wrote:
> Sometimes people express negativity on forums for their own emotional
> reasons without considering the repercussions in the real world and the harm
> that their criticism can do 

We agree.  It's called ABUSE.

> Posts are posts, and most should be, I feel, taken with a good dose ...

We do not agree.  Abuse is ABUSE.  Abusers are ABUSERS.  There's no
other color to paint that.  Abusers get a taste of their own medicine,
or else DON'T DO IT.  If they don't care how others' feel, then an
apology won't repair it - public retribution will be sought, and GAINED.

> People need to hear about the negative consequences of their actions from
> the people that those actions affect. Rumors can be toxic. If an occasional
> rant has heat on it but speaks truth, let's all put on our big-boy pants and
> have some compassion for the guy that gets hurt by the pot-stirrers. 

Mindful people have the wisdom to discern the difference between a valid
point made (even with evident strong emotions or even offensive(sic)
language present), and the reasons you outline in your first paragraph.

I don't tolerate abuse, and I will call-out and name abusers at any time
and in any place, without care or regard for my personal safety.

Always show kindness - up to the point where kindness is taken for weakness.

Steve ZL1BHD
Whakatane, NZ

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