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Re: [CQ-Contest] Paddle Opinions

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Paddle Opinions
From: "Paul T. Antos" <wb2abd@roadrunner.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 12:31:38 -0400
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You do yourself an injustice. You do enjoy redundancy, you
CAN use an iambic keyer with your single lever paddle, just
by using it conventionally. Actually it's good for
discipline in sending , as if you are sloppy ( as I do tend
to be), you will send garbage in that configuration.

I built my first W9TO keyer when the Beach Boys sang " God
only knows", and  God only knows when that was ;-) That
collection of ECC83s ( was it?) and mercury wetted relay
still knocks most modern devices into a proverbial cocked



Perhaps my posts had a disconnect: I got used to an iambic paddle 45 years ago, 
and never learned how to send iambically. Again, I think a "fat" paddle is what 
I'm used to. I have sat down to iambic paddles at other stations: sometimes to 
find myself  QLFing up the bands, and at other times never missing a beat. 
However, I never have come across a single-ever paddle that I could work 
properly, even after being given permission to change the adjustments. I also 
note that I changed the paddles on my By-Golly and my Kent so that the "ears" 
are down instead of up, meaning my fingers want to be  low to the table. Well, 
there's a demerit in here someplace!

At any rate,  *** keyboard for contesting ***, the TO keyer tubes were 12AX7's, 
and I was listening to the Stones first album.


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