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[CQ-Contest] Time for a fix

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Time for a fix
From: <ku8e@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 10:11:53 -0500
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     Every single HF contest CQ runs favors those that are near a border of a 
continent or 
   recently in a location that has good propagation to both EU and the USA.  
Those 10
   point QSO's in the 160 contest or 3 point QSO's in CQWW are giving even more 
of an
   advantage to those stations who really don't need one.

      W4ZV said "every contest is unfair to someone in some area" - which is 
true. You are
   never gong to see a "perfect" set of rules for any contest. But making a few 
minor changes
   will make it alittle more fair...

     Personally, I would like to see everyone get the same number of points per 
contact .
 Then there would be no need for everyone to go to P40 ot PJ and they could 
spread themselves
  among the other islands giving us all more multipliers to work....


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