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[CQ-Contest] NCCC Thursday & Friday Night Sprint, August 3,4 UTC - NAQP

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] NCCC Thursday & Friday Night Sprint, August 3,4 UTC - NAQP rules, 30 Minutes!
From: Ken Keeler <kenkeeler@jazznut.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 02:06:36 -0700
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
Thanks to all for your participation in the 2007 NS Ladder 
Competition.  We now have a Thursday night following of nearly 100 
contesters who consider this 30 minute sprint the highlight of their 
contesting calendar.  We will continue Thursday Night Madness every 
Thursday night of the year, including holiday seasons at the same 
local times as the ladder (0230Z through October).  When the time 
changes in Nov., it will start at 0330Z.  Rules change each week to 
prepare for NAQP, NA Sprint, CQP, ARRL SS.  Other weeks will be some 
form of NS rules.  Keep posted.

NA QSO Party Rules
AUG. 2, 3 local date in North America;   Aug. 3, 4  Zulu time.

This week, we'll use the real NAQP rules for the Thursday and Friday practices
30 minutes starting at 0230Z, and all bands, 160 thru 10m!
-- Start 0230Z (1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT 2230 EDT)

NAQP RULES:   (NO DUPES on the same band)-- CW only, 100 watts, mults 
count on each band.
BANDS:  10 thru 160m: --  near 40 Khz from the bottom, except:  1815; +/-5.
(Practice moving mults to 10/15m). In the summer there can be strange 
openings on the high bands.

The  schedule of Thursday (sometimes Friday also) events through 
October is now posted on the NEXT NS page at:

General rules and further info at: http://www.ncccsprint.com/

-- Report scores near 3610 LSB after the practice,  at 0300Z (8 PM PDT) on
the weekly NCCC contest net), or send your score directly to the 3830 
Template available at the NS page. I've requested 3830 score posting 
page from WA7BNM, but no response so far.  I don't rate any 
significance with him.

Next week, Aug. 10, NS rules (dupes OK after one intervening 
QSO,)  on  20m only, 30 minutes (0230-0300Z). The focus of this 
week's event is to practice INTENSE  S & P skills on one band 
only.  Don't worry, we'll return to NS two band rules after NAQP SSB. 
80 and 160m will be added back in the autumn.  This schedule is not 
set in concrete.  If you have novel ideas, pls send me your suggestions.

CU, N6RO    kenkeeler@jazznut.com

Ken Keeler         Tenor Banjo & Guitar
Leader, Devil Mountain Jazz Band; owner, Jazz Nut Records
Director, Cline Wine & Jazz Festival; Third Saturday each July
Friends of Jazz Concerts/Dance, Third Saturday monthly in Danville,CA
5480 Sellers Ave, Oakley, CA 94561
Tel 925-625-2707    FAX 925-625-9403
Email: kenkeeler@jazznut.com
Web site: www.jazznut.com
Ham Radio, since 1953:  N6RO, NR6O, N6O ;   Formerly K2EIU, WA6DKF, W6PAA  
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