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[CQ-Contest] Talking "Sunday Drivers" through the exchange

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Talking "Sunday Drivers" through the exchange
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 15:23:10 -0500
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On 11/21/2013 5:36 PM, David Siddall wrote:

borrow from a recent CQWW thread, should an op be DQed for walking a
"Sunday driver" through the exchange information without requiring
the Sunday drive to perform the difficult task of parrotting back all
5 elements in the requisite order in the same breath? That's the only
foolish result that a mandatory element order would accomplish.  Why
would anyone want that in Sweepstakes, which seeks to attract

73, Dave K3ZJ

...end snip

Hear, hear!

1. I (and daughter, Miriam, K3MIM) doing sweepstakes ssb from the W3LPL DX contest station) make a habit of talking "Sunday drivers" through the exchange in, we hope, a friendly manner, and encourage them to make more contacts - work on their (5B) WAS or whatever. She, especially, attracts "Sunday drivers" who want to say hello to a YL.

2. We usually finish up by saying something akin to "so the next person gets '#2 Alpha <call> <year> <section>'" with appropriate values in the correct order.

3. The "hotshots" who skip their call in the exchange, a) often get a repeat request as I've lost "synchronization" between what I'm hearing and my typing, and b) perhaps be suitable candidates for DQ.

Bob, w3idt

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