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[CQ-Contest] Cape(r) Cod

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Cape(r) Cod
From: ALANNOTTAGE@aol.com (ALANNOTTAGE@aol.com)
Date: Wed Apr 2 11:14:00 2003
In a message dated 02/04/03 15:24:49 GMT Daylight Time, k2kir@telenet.net 

> At 10:47 PM 2003-04-01, W9SZ wrote:
> >I was just sitting perched on my seat having a whale of a time.  After
> >tunaing around for a while and floundering on the bands, I thought I'd
> >call CQ just for the halibut.  Only one small fry station from Sardine-ia 
> >took my bait, so I turned on my turbot-charged amp but I blew a seal in
> >the cooling system. Too much squid current.
> >
> >Oh well, tomorrow will be better than oysterday.
> Holy mackerel !!!  I cod hardly believe it.  At first I thought my e-mail 
> program was all scrod up.  Seemed like a-balone to me.  Oh well, W7WHY did 
> say he smelt something....
> Bud, K2KIR

Jeez, I just can't seem to make head or tail of this thread.  Now, if I could 
just get this babel fish in my ear.....

de 'Baccaruda Bill'
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