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Subject: NV6O SprINT
Date: Wed Apr 12 13:55:03 1995
I wanted to make sure I participated in this one because the results are
present in Visalia via Tree and John and I can get laughed at in person.

I took a few hours off from getting ready for my daughter's (Kelsey's)
12th birthday party that happened Tues night and Wed am (today) to go
over to AA6WJ's and once again use his station, as my antennas are still
in the form of an insurance check.

Started on 20.  Had time between q's to read old cq's and qst's.
Reminded me of the 80 m position at W6GO's during the doldrums.

Went to 40.  read another qst.

things got better, kinda.

103 q's, mostly on 40.

     band      QSOs     points
      40         63         62
      20         40         40
     TOTAL      103        103   =  103

Last I saw at home, there were eleven 12 and 13 year-old girls trying to
wake up from their all-night gab fest.  Peak audio spectral density was
this morning at 0230 PDT.  The yelling was not due to working 4S7 on
midnight 15m opening.

Came to work at 11am to catch up and rest.  Yard looks great, pool and
spa are clean.  I'm a wreck.  CU in Visalia.

Eric, NV6O

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