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[CQ-Contest] CQP Practice and post practice net for all including county

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] CQP Practice and post practice net for all including county expeditions!
From: Chris Tate - N6WM <chris.tate@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 13:30:27 -0700
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
It's that time of year once again and we send greetings to all California
QSO Party participants both outside and in the Golden state and largest sub
national-economy in the world, and welcome you to the 2023-24 contest

We are returning to one of our CQP traditions this year by holding an
hour-long practice session to be immediately followed by a net on 80m.

This is a great opportunity for all participants of this event,
particularly the county expeditioners, to test their setups and make sure
they are ready to provide many qsos and fun for all.  We would appreciate
it if all of you could help our county expeditioners and jump on the air
and work ‘em Friday night.

Practice times:

In order to give time to make sure most expeditioners are setup, we will
hold this Practice/net check in  the Friday evening prior to CQP


*Time/Date for practice:*

*7pm-8pm pacific time Friday October 6th/0200-0300 UTC Saturday Oct 7th.
Suggest first 30 min CW and Second 30 min SSB*

*Bands 20m/40m/80m*

*recommended frequencies as per cqp rules listed here*

*https://cqp.org/Rules.html <https://cqp.org/Rules.html>*

*California participants Send CQ CQP Practice <your call> everyone pass**
the standard exchange*.

Net control hosted by the NCCC VP/Contest Chairman Chris N6WM will start
taking net check-ins immediately following practice at 3.610 Mhz LSB at
0300 UTC Saturday Oct 7th.

Location of net control is the K6LRG hilltop contest station, grid CM97eq
at 1800 ft ASL on the Altamont pass overlooking both the Bay area and
entire Central Valley.  We would appreciate a substantial station in
Southern CA to volunteer to relay if needed but the K6LRG station has a
wide reach.  We encourage anyone to check in, with particular emphasis on
the county expeditioners.

We authorize and would appreciate it if folks could distribute this notice
to local clubs and regional contest clubs!

We look forward to your participation in all CQP events and that everyone
have a great time!

73 to all and have fun!

Chris Tate N6WM

VP/Contest chairman, NCCC/ CQP Practice Coordinator/Net Control
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