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Subject: [CQ-Contest] PA QSO Party Plans
From: "The Trench Family" <cwtrench@sprynet.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 20:38:53 -0400
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The 50th run of the Pennsylvania QSO Party will occur on October 13 and 14,
2007.  The rules and supporting material are available at:


Below is a partial listing of the stations that will participate.  This is a
very small subset of the likely activity.  I hope that everyone will join
the fun and help us celebrate our 50th anniversary.

73 Bud AA3B

Fixed & Portable Stations

Cty      Call         Notes

ALL      W3WN
ALL      WA3HAE       160 thru 10 CW and SSB medium power
BED      N3GNW/P      Blue Knob State Park
BER      AA3B
BRA      WA3CSP/P     160 thru 70cm, mostly SSB, some CW and digital
BUT      N3MSE
BUX      N3YW
BUX      W3RT         40 & 80, SSB & CW
CAR      K3NG         QRP
CAR      N3XG/P       CAR / LEH Line, 80/75, 40, 20, 10, and 2
CLA      K3MIY/P      40M CW QRP
CUM      K3SV         CW/SSB
CUM      W3IHY
DCO      K3EGE        80M - 6M, CW and SSB, Sunday
ELK      KE3FO
ERI      W3P          Bonus Station  AD4UL - SSB, WB3DOM - CW
ERI      WA3A         with AA2AD, 160 - 10 M, SSB and CW
FAY      K3MI
HUN      NA3V         CW/SSB
LAC      W3TDF/P
LAN      N3NTJ        All Bands
LEH      N3XG/P       CAR / LEH Line, 80/75, 40, 20, 10, and 2
LYC      KC3M         CW, possibly SSB and some VHF
MCK      KD3D
MCK      W3P          Bonus Station 160M thru 2M SSB & CW
MGY      K3VX/P       Saturday
MIF      NK8Q/P       160m to 10m on CW & SSB, QRP
PHI      KA3JOI/P     With WA3QMJ, SSB, CW, PSK
PIK      K3MX         CW/SSB
PIK      KW3U
POT      W3CE/P       160-10 QRP, PSK31
SCH      W3P          Bonus Station 100W, 10-160, SSB, CW, PSK
SUL      N3NBT/P      80 - 10 SSB 100 W, 2M and 70CM FM
SUS      WA2OYR/3     80, 40, 20, 6 CW & SSB
TIO      N3FE         80/40/20 CW & SSB
TIO      NR3K
UNI      W3BN         M/M SSB, PSK, RTTY, CW
VEN      N3ZK         N3ZK/N0VLR/N3KFD
WAR      N3FR/P
WES      K3MJW        M/M, 160M - 10M, High Power, SSB, CW & RTTY
YOR      W3ZGD        20, 40, 80 Phone and CW, 160 CW

Mobile and Rover Routes

Cty      Call         Notes

MGY      W3WH/M       + K3VX, Tentative route, Sunday, 40/20 CW & SSB
BUX      W3WH/M
LEH      W3WH/M
BER      W3WH/M
LEB      W3WH/M
DAU      W3WH/M
CUM      W3WH/M
FRA      W3WH/M
FUL      W3WH/M
BED      W3WH/M
SOM      W3WH/M
WES      W3WH/M
WAS      W3WH/M

PIK      WA3RA/M      SAT, 3 W SO2R HF/6, 2/220/440/1296
WAY      WA3RA/M      SAT
MOE      WA3RA/M      SAT
LAC      WA3RA/M      SAT
LUZ      WA3RA/M      SAT
CAR      WA3RA/M      SAT
SCH      WA3RA/M      SAT
SUS      WA3RA/M      SUN
WYO      WA3RA/M      SUN
BRA      WA3RA/M      SUN
SUL      WA3RA/M      SUN
COL      WA3RA/M      SUN
LYC      WA3RA/M      SUN

WAR      AD8J/R
FOR      AD8J/R
ELK      AD8J/R
         AD8J/R       Flexible, depending on the need

Out of State

Sec      Call         Notes

KS       KA3LOC/0     QRP, 100W if condx warrant
SFL      N3ISH

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