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Linking spotting stations

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Subject: Linking spotting stations
From: p_casier@ub4b.eunet.be (Peter Casier)
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 15:31:27 +0200
I wrote:

>1. How do you, the other M/S, M/M, S/O-assist, tackle the problem of
informing the spotters of the mults worked? If you do not want your reaction
to be published: tell me - hi.
>2. Do you have any suggestion how to solve this problem? Does anyone have
utility programs which could help us?

Only one message was received. Does this mean that everyone keeps their
solutions to themselves, or no-one has found a decent answer either? hi.
Anyway, here is the only answer received.

NX1H wrote:
>Why not just set up the remote sites as part of your CT network?  While
>I haven't tried networking CT via packet, I've heard that it has been 
>done.  I think CT has a "mults only" command-line switch (-MO maybe?)
>for just this.
>To make sure the spotting sites don't accidentally put a QSO into the 
>log, don't connect the spotter->OT*T half of the serial connection!

We have tried that, but it is quite complex, and only seems to work
semi-reliable with one remote station. Especially starting up the link is
critical (there seems to be a sync problem). Also, when there is a lot of
traffic on the CT network (with packet spots coming in from the cluster
e.g.), the link fails due to saturation it seems.
We have a lot of spotters, so although remote ct networking is a good idea,
it will not work with more than one remote station, I am afraid.

If any of you have more comments, let me know!

Peter - ON6TT.


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