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[ct-user] More IC706 interface problems

To: CT-User@contesting.com
Subject: [ct-user] More IC706 interface problems
From: Larry Strasser <k2ls@optonline.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 08:15:05 -0500
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Well, I still can not get my IC706MKIIG to be keyed by CTWin v10 in a 
Dell Inspiron 2200 windows XP home.

I even purchased a Universal parallel port card from


but no CW from the parallel port using it as LPT 1 or LPT 2.

I then put the card into my Toshiba running Win 98SE and the card 
outputs CW as either LPT1 or 2!

I left a plea for help at K1EA but I guess he is extremely busy.

Still looking for any help that you might have.

Any ideas?

73, Larry

DXC.K2LS.COM   Spots from NA ZOnes 1-8 ONLY

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