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CT 9.23 + Pentium =?

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Subject: CT 9.23 + Pentium =?
From: lew@teleport.com (Lew Sayre)
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 04:26:12 -0700 (PDT)
 Maybe this is basic... but I can't get CT to control my radio as it should.
 A few facts...  Radio= FT1000D with ver 6.00 Rom
                 Computer= Gateway Pentium chip 60MHz, PCI interface
          Radio-Computer interface = W1GEE  
  Set comtsr3 to -b4800 -n82
  What happens.. there is a 18-45 second delay between keystroke & 
result.. I know West coast runs can be slow.. but this is silly
I found a "fix" on the gateway BBS for com ports which I installed which 
should have helped... but hasn't.
    When I check what the computer thinks is going on by the MSD command 
I will see that if I set up the com port without the radio connected, all 
settings will be correct, but if and when I connect the radio, then I 
always see the parameter for CTS switched to  positive...something I 
didn't do and don't want.
    I try to run this through DOS.. If I tried Windows I might become 
more unbalanced than I already am.
    The W1GEE self test shows that it is working just fine. Also When I 
try N6TR the radio control works fine also.. but I want CT to work as it 
should also..
   Any ideas? I don't think I have address problems...but anything is 
possible. Thanks to Barry who has offered much advice so far!  What do 
the gurus say?
    73 and I remain,
    Lew        N7AVK       lew@teleport.com

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