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Subject: [RFI] WWVB QRM
From: "Pete Ferrand" <petef@sprynet.com>
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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 20:27:50 -0500
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Need some help with something QRMing WWVB on 60KHz.

I have three of the radio controlled clocks and none of them work. Not
in the house, not in the window, not in the shed, not in the car. 

Come to find out that listening on 60KHz with a Cushman CE-70 Frequency
Selective Voltmeter hooked to my 80-metre dipole there is a signal at
-77dBm that sounds like 'rrrrrrrrrr' - a little like a motor running. It
actually peaks at about 64KHz and maybe  10KHz wide, give or take. There
is a little QSB as the antenna blows around but basically constant day
or night.

It doesn't sound anything like WWVB, which sounds like a series of beeps
at roughly one second intervals. 

The Cushman weighs about 50 pounds and not the greatest portable set,
but using a Sony 2010 with a Palomar LF converter (much less sensitive)
the signal gets louder as I get up against the two power poles nearest
the house. Of course I tried opening the main breaker to the house. 

I called the "radio guy" at the power company, and he will try to get
down here tomorrow. However, he doesn't have a receiver capable of
covering 60KHz so I'm not too optimistic. The Palomar is only marginally
effective, far as I can tell for this.

As far as I can tell this noise isn't the usual broad spectrum arcing
that they detect using a UHF Yagi.

Of course I can whine about "something interfering with a government
service", etc. but I think I need to figure out how to locate the

TNX es 73 es best seasonal wishes,
Enfield, NH

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